What is Bike Party?

Changwon Bike Party is a group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every Bike Party has a different starting point and a different route and is typically around 12-20 KM. Also every ride has a costumed theme! Bike Party is about engaging with your biking and local community. Bike Party allows us to explore and engage with neighborhoods and even cities that we might not explore or engage with otherwise. Bike Party is first and foremost a PARTY! There is music, and costumes and all kinds of celebrating!! So dress up and get on your bikes and ride!!!

Here is a video I made of what a bike party looks like: East Bay Bike Party

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



What an incredible BIKE PARTY!!!
굉장한 였습니다!!

You all should be so pleased with yourselves! Thank you all for being part of a such an amazing ride!
모두 스스로 뿌듯하실 겁니다! 멋진 라이딩에 함께 해주셔서 감사합니다!

Before we do the recap, here are some statistics collected from the surveys
다음 라이딩을 하기 전에, 설문조사 결과를 알려드리겠습니다

- 44 total riders 
   총 참가자 44명

- 28 Bike Party first timers
  바이크 파티 첫 참가자 28명

- 25% of riders were Korean riders
  한국인 참가자 25%

- 36% had never been to Jinhae
  진해에 처음 가 본 참가자 36%

- 20% had never ridden 12 km (7.5 mi) before
  12km를 자전거로 처음 달려본 참가자 20%

- 97% said they met or talked to someone new at Bike Party
  바이크 파티에서 새로운 사람을 만난 참가자 97%

- 100% said they would do Bike Party again.
  다시 바이크 파티에 참가할 의향이 있는 참가자 100%

We had people from 8 countries spanning 4 continents. Also, everyone looked FANTASTIC!

4대륙 8개국에서 모인 우리들은 모두 멋졌습니다!

This Bike Party made a specific effort to reach out and recruit Changwon locals through a poster campaigns at university campuses and popular public places. We also made all our information accessible in Korean.

이번 에서는 창원 지역 사람들과 함께 하기 위해 대학교 캠퍼스와 공공장소에 포스터를 붙이는 노력을 하였습니다. 그리고 모든 정보는 한국어로 있게 하였습니다.

We began at the start point at the Changwon Rotary and were greeted and interviewed by officials from City Hall.
우리는 창원 시청광장에서 만나서 서로 인사를 하고 시청 공무원 분들의 인터뷰에 응하였습니다.

Also, again, everyone looked FANTASTIC! Here are some pictures from the start point:

다시 말하지만, 모두 멋졌습니다! 여기에 모임 장소에서 찍은 사진들이 있습니다:

Bike Party then took to the streets and we began our ride!
길을 따라서 라이딩을 시작하였습니다!

We made it to the first meet up point.
번째 휴식처에 도착했습니다.  

Our ride continued as we made passage through Anmin Tunnel to Jinhae.

라이딩은 안민터널을 거쳐 진해까지 계속되었습니다.

Finally we made it to our finally destination along the sea at Jinhae-ru!!
마침내 우리는 바닷가에 위치한 우리의 목표지점인 진해루에 도착하였습니다!!

And... we also made it into the local newspaper!

그리고 우리 기사가 지역 신문 났습니다!

Great ride! See you next month!! BIKE PARTY!!!

최고의 라이딩이였습니다! 다음 달에 만나요!! !!!

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