What is Bike Party?

Changwon Bike Party is a group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every Bike Party has a different starting point and a different route and is typically around 12-20 KM. Also every ride has a costumed theme! Bike Party is about engaging with your biking and local community. Bike Party allows us to explore and engage with neighborhoods and even cities that we might not explore or engage with otherwise. Bike Party is first and foremost a PARTY! There is music, and costumes and all kinds of celebrating!! So dress up and get on your bikes and ride!!!

Here is a video I made of what a bike party looks like: East Bay Bike Party

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5월의 바이크 파티!!! 블랙 앤 화이트 MAY BLACK AND WHITE RIDE-- route info

테마: 흑과 백. 검정이나 흰색을 입으세요. 둘 다 입으셔도 되고 창의적으로 입으셔도 되는데 검정과 흰색이면 됩니다. 수녀, 달마시안, 잠수복, 스컹크, 모노폴리 아저씨, 플레잉 카드, 팬더 등 여러분의 선택입니다!

Theme: Black and White. Wear black. Or white. Or both. Or get creative...be something that is black and white. Nun? Dalmatian? Orca? Skunk? Monopoly Guy? Playing cards? Panda? The choice is yours!

Here is our BIKE PARTY route!

빨간 깃발로 표시된 창원 시청광장(이마트 앞)에서 출발합니다.
We will start at the Red Flag at the Changwon Rotary (the circle) in front of Emart.

30-40분을 달려서 팔용동에 있는 창원역에 도착합니다(깃발#2). 여기서 약 20분간 휴식을 취합니다.
Ride about 30-40 minutes to Changwon KTX Station in Palyoungdong (Flag #2). Then we will rest for about 20 or so minutes.

다음으로 30분간 달려서 NC 다이노스의 홈 구장인 마산 야구장(깃발#4)에 도착합니다(NC 파이팅!). 20분간 휴식을 취합니다.

We will then ride for about 30 minutes to Masan Stadium (Flag #4) , home of the NC Dinos. (Go Dinos!) Then we will rest for about 20 or so minutes.

이제 종착지인 댓거리(파란 깃발)까지 해안도로를 따라서 이동합니다.

From there we will ride along the water to Dekkori (Blue Flag) where we finish our ride.

(A)    여기서 끝내시거나 (B) 돛섬에서의 에프터 파티에 참여하시거나 둘 중에 선택가능

합니다. 돛섬으로 가는 배 선착장까지는 걸어서 10분 정도 걸립니다.

You can then either A be finished (congratulations :D) or B join the afterparty tour of Dotseom island. The ferry terminal is a 10 minute walk from our end point.

마산에 있는 돛섬은 예전에는 동물원이었다가 놀이공원도 있었다가 지금은 조각공원으로 바뀌었습니다. 여기 사진이 있습니다.

Dotseom is an island in Masan that was once a zoo, which became an amusement park (now abandoned) and is now home to a sculpture garden. Here are some pictures:

곧 만나요!! 바이크 파티!!
See you there!! BIKE PARTY!!!!!!

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