What is Bike Party?

Changwon Bike Party is a group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every Bike Party has a different starting point and a different route and is typically around 12-20 KM. Also every ride has a costumed theme! Bike Party is about engaging with your biking and local community. Bike Party allows us to explore and engage with neighborhoods and even cities that we might not explore or engage with otherwise. Bike Party is first and foremost a PARTY! There is music, and costumes and all kinds of celebrating!! So dress up and get on your bikes and ride!!!

Here is a video I made of what a bike party looks like: East Bay Bike Party

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6월 창원 바이크 파티 하와이언 라이드!!! Changwon Bike Party June Hawaiian Ride!!!

6월 창원 바이크 파티 하와이언 라이드!!!
Changwon Bike Party June Hawaiian Ride!!! 

6월14 토요일
Saturday, June 14th

날짜. 614 토요일

장소창원로터리(이마트와 시청   광장)
시간. 오후 1:30 
자전거 출발 시간.오후 2
끝나는 지점. 용지공원

Sat. June 14th.
Meet @ Changwon Rotary (The big circle in front of Emart and City Hall)  
Meet at 1:30PM • Ride Leaves at 2PM 
Finishes: Yongji Park

창원 자전거 파티에 참석하세요 여름을 위해 옷장  고이 간직해 뒀던 하와이언 셔츠와 꽃목걸이코코넛브라풀잎스커트를 입을 절호의 찬스입니다물총 잊으시면 안되죠!!

Put on your coconut bras, and get out your water guns! Join Changwon Bike Party, and wear all your glorious Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts!

창원 로터리에서 시작해서 용지호수까지  14키로를 달릴 예정입니다시원한 음료수는 물론물풍선 싸움이 기다리고 있을지도 모르니 적당한 준비는 필수!

We will ride 14km from the Changwon Rotary and end at Yongji Lake where we will soak each other with water balloons and have some drinks to cool down from the summer heat! (Please be aware that you might get wet, so plan accordingly!)

 경로는 더운 날씨로 인해 평소보다 약간 짧습니다
This route is slightly shorter than usual because of the hot weather. 


자세한 정보는 추후에!
More info to come!

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