What is Bike Party?

Changwon Bike Party is a group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every Bike Party has a different starting point and a different route and is typically around 12-20 KM. Also every ride has a costumed theme! Bike Party is about engaging with your biking and local community. Bike Party allows us to explore and engage with neighborhoods and even cities that we might not explore or engage with otherwise. Bike Party is first and foremost a PARTY! There is music, and costumes and all kinds of celebrating!! So dress up and get on your bikes and ride!!!

Here is a video I made of what a bike party looks like: East Bay Bike Party

Sunday, January 6, 2013



10/12 Friday. Meet @ 10:30PM. Ride @ 11PM. Meet at the lamp sculpture across the street from E-Mart (on the same side of the street as E-mart)

MEET POINT: Lamp Sculpture across from E-Mart
                 (on same side of Woni-Daero)
                      That building in the background is E-Mart

A very spoOoOoOoky hello and welcome to Bike Party's 
Halloween. The ride is on Friday October 12th (this Friday) and we will ride 20km (12.5 miles) from Sangnam-dong to Palyoungdong to Uichangdong and then back to Sangnam. Wear your costume and have a ghoulishly good time! 

Also: a note about Bike Party. If we are rolling through your dong and you don't feel like starting at the start point, join us at one of the nearer group stops. That's what they are there for :) Also remember to dress weather-appropriately.


Flag Marker #2 on the Map indicates our 1st stop at Changwon Bus Terminal on Changwon-daero. At Bike Party pace it takes roughly 25-30 minutes to get to there. We will hang out outside of the Bus Terminal for maybe 20-30ish minutes.

Group Stop 1 @ Changwon Bus Terminal on Changwon-daero
Time it takes to get there: approx: 25-30 min

Next we head to Stop 2 (Flag #3). Changwon Station in Palyongdong. There is a GS 25 across the street. We'll hang out for a bit. 
Group Stop 2 @ Changwon Station on Uichang-daero
Time it takes from Group Stop 1: approx 25-30 min

Next we head to Bicycle Mart Changwon on Ui-dhang daero (Flag #4) The best bike shop in Changwon. Hands down. 

Group Stop 3 @ Bicycle Mart on Uichang-daero
Time it takes from Group Stop 2: approx. 10 minutes

Uichang-daero then turns into Woni-daero and we head down Woni-daero until we get back to E-Mart going past City 7 and the Stadiums (approx 30 min.)

See you there!

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