What is Bike Party?

Changwon Bike Party is a group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Saturday of every month. Every Bike Party has a different starting point and a different route and is typically around 12-20 KM. Also every ride has a costumed theme! Bike Party is about engaging with your biking and local community. Bike Party allows us to explore and engage with neighborhoods and even cities that we might not explore or engage with otherwise. Bike Party is first and foremost a PARTY! There is music, and costumes and all kinds of celebrating!! So dress up and get on your bikes and ride!!!

Here is a video I made of what a bike party looks like: East Bay Bike Party

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4월 창원 바이크 파티 꽃 라이드!!! -- 후기 APRIL BIKE PARTY FLOWER RIDE!! -- recap

4월 창원 바이크 파티 꽃 라이드!!! -- 후기

정말 끝내주는 바이크파티! 꽃과 더불어 행복한 얼굴도 피었어요! 진해 해안가를 따라 종점까지, 창원에서 부터 안민터널을 지나 창원 바이크파티에 참여하고 즐겼던 분들 모두 감사합니다. 부산에서 온 우리 친구들을 포함해서 자전거를 탔던 40명이 넘는 분들께 특별히감사합다!

What an excellent Bike Party!! The flowers were in bloom and so were the happy faces!! Thanks to all the people who came and enjoyed Changwon Bike Party as we rode from Changwon through Anmin Tunnel, along Jinhae's waterfront and then finally to our finish point. A special thanks to the 40+ riders, including our friends from Busan!!!

Rest Stop 1:

여정은 계속 됩니다
The ride continues:

안민터널 밖에서:
Out of Anmin Tunnel:

해안을 따라:
Along the seaside:

모든 사진은 여기에 있어요:
All photos here:

최고의 바이크파티! 창원 바이크 파티 5월 스포트라이트 라이드로 다음달 5월 10일에봐요!
Excellent Bike Party! See you next month on May 10th for Changwon Bike Party May Stoplight Ride!

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